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5 general methods of penis enlargement

There are several methods of penis enlargement.
  • First method, that we want to mention is penis enlargement surgery. It is high-risk and may bring not wishful enlargement, but also infections and complications. Penis surgery is the last method, that man must choose, if he does not have serious problem with penis size ( less 1.5 inches) or with penis form. Significant factor not to use penis enlargement surgery is price, which vary from 10 to 20 thousand dollars.
  • The second method is vacuum pumps. Just imagine that you put your penis in a vacuum pump and it seems like someone pull it. It is not perfect sense for everyone. The main principle of vacuum pumps is bringing more blood to penile tissue, the result is fast, but not permanent. In addition, you can harm penis . In this case, penis enlargement pills is the best solution.
  • Next method is penis enlargement cream and gel. It seems to us not effective. What can you get while rubbing bad-smelling oily cream in to penis? We think, it’s not a good choice to use cream and gel.
  • Penis extenders and exercises is also popular option. The main idea of this method is stretching.
  • Last method: pills and supplements.We have made a great article on the top of the page about penis enhancement pills. So, we’ll not be repeated. It’s a good option for those, who need real results. Just make the right choice. The market is full of good, bad and ugly penile growth pills. Read reviews and be healthy.